Sörgoldens Nonstop Hera

Hera and her 4 littermates were born on 24 March 2008, and life changed somewhat when our first bitch (after a number of males) moved to us in the middle of May.

Hera is a very industrious little girl, she is very relaxed, but never hestitates to give it her very best when training and/ or picking up. She is smooth and alert even if I sometimes wish she had a little less of the "I CAN" attitude. On the other hand, it is precisely this quality that makes it so incredibly fun to work with her. A cool lady who knows what she wants.We practice exclusively picking-up-training although an occasional thought creeps in sometimes to start her in obedience or tracking.

Hera is also an excellent mother to two puppies, our first litter in the kennel and now we are hoping and looking forward to her second litter by the end of March 2013